WordPress Masterclass ($97) Getting Started With WordPress Masterclass Lesson 1: First things first when choosing your website

Lesson 1: First things first when choosing your website

When it comes to choosing the right type of website environment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Ask yourself these five questions...

  • Why do I want to build my brand?
  • Who do I want to reach with my brand?
  • What knowledge will I share via my brand?
  • How will I make money with my brand?
  • Where can I connect with my target market so that I can drive them to my website using my brand?

Once you have the answers to these questions, then you can start the process of figuring out what type of website you want to create. Below is a list of the types of websites you can create.

  • eCommerce: Focus is to sell products or services. This type of website could have an online shopping cart that displays products or a way to pay for services online.
  • Branding: Is an information only sharing website so that you can get to know the business, a product, or service. Its goal is to familiarize you with the brand and to also promote the name of the business so that you can recognize it easily.
  • Lead Generation: This type of website will capture contact information or leads via a single page. This is great when you want to capture your website visitors into a sales process or if you want to build a relationship with them.
  • Publishing: Essential to this website is sharing news or blog posts to update its website visitors. It also has advertising and sponsored content to help generate money.
  • Support: The key points of this type of website is to provide assistance to its website visitors. It is not about making money but about giving support to users of your hardware, software, or services.

When you have determined the type of website you have, then you are ready to build a brand that drives web traffic to your website. Then you can create different ways to engage with your web traffic on your website.


Lesson Activity

Your homework is below:

  • Answer the five questions below and then compile the answers into a document. Keep the document close to you while you go through this training so that you can easily refer to it or refine it.
  • Determine what type of website you either have or want to create.

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