WordPress Masterclass ($97) Getting Started With WordPress Masterclass Lesson 2: Start branding by creating a website strategy

Lesson 2: Start branding by creating a website strategy

Having a website strategy is very important because it gives you a solid direction you can use to develop your website. When developing your website strategy, there are a few components that you should include which have been shared below:

  • Map out the journey that you want your target customer to take on your website. This includes what type of emotions, thoughts, and expectations you want your target customers to have every time they touch your website. By doing this, you can help lead them to relevant information for your current customers and also your prospective customers.
  • Create awesome content that your website visitors want to read. This content shouldn't just be to there for marketing only. Your content should solve problems and offer solutions that will be helpful to your visitors. First, find out what they need and then provide the content that will meet their needs. Next, make sure that you are sharing clear and concise information.
  • Ensure your content communicates your message and business central values. By doing this, you are incorporating your target customers into your website environment seamlessly. Because this is one of the best ways to educate your website visitors about your message, this will be your voice to the world.
  • Cultivate a view into your ideal customers so that you can make sure that your content and marketing reach them. This can help you obtain a better understanding of what your customers are consuming online before they even purchase from you. This will help you figure out where they hang out online so that you can create a multi-channel strategy approach to reaching them. When you determine who your ideal customer is, it's important that you create a demographic peak in their lives that include things like
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Career
    • Salary
    • Home location
    • Spending habits
    • And so many more things (see the PDF included with this lesson about demographics)


Lesson Activity

Your homework assignment for this lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson. For this assignment, you are going to do a deeper dive into what makes your website tick. Your to-do list is...

  • Map out the journey you want your website visitors to take
  • Create a content strategy for your website (include blogging)
  • Determine what message you want your content to communicate
  • Decide who your ideal customer is and create a demographic peak into their lives (use the included PDF about demographics)

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